The Best 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Friends

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Twenty-five years is no small feat, and it should be celebrated accordingly! Whether you’re looking for a classic gift for your loved one or if you’re celebrating a happy couple, here are a couple things you may want to know. 

The traditional and modern theme for 25th anniversary gifts is silver. This precious metal represents the shine and brilliance of the celebrating couple’s marriage.

The anniversary flower for the 25th year of marriage is an iris, which represents faith, hope, and courage, as well as a long-lasting marriage. 

There are so many great options out there for a truly sweet and thoughtful gift for a special couple. Here is a list of some of my favorite 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for a friend at various price points but could also be a perfect gift if you’re shopping for your significant other. From silver anniversary gifts to photo frames, irises, and drinks, I’ve got you covered. 

25th anniversary gift ideas for friends

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

Silver Engraved Frame

An engraved picture frame is a special way to celebrate the couple with a personal touch. You can add a sweet note wishing them love and happiness in married life or note their wedding date. A much better option than a photo album that sits on a shelf collecting dust.

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Silver Sculpture

A heart sculpture can be the perfect addition to a house for a couple who loves material things; it can display their love for each other, and your love for the celebrating couple. There are other styles to choose from, but this is a great option (and our favorite).

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Personalized 25th Anniversary Silver Platter

A traditional gift is always a great option, and this engraved platter is one to consider. The platter or tray can be personalized to include the couple's names, an anniversary date, and a personal message. If you're looking for more traditional 25th wedding anniversary gifts, this beautiful tray is the obvious choice.

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40 stems of Telstar Iris

The Telstar Iris boasts radiance beyond compare -- its recognizable coloring is matched by its singular, ethereal form, which is why this particular iris variety is especially prized in the floral world. These Fleur-de-lis beauties are delivered next-day, and will arrive with tight, spear-like buds showing a dash of color on the tips. As they open, they will display their delicate 3 upper petals and 3 lower petals. Includes stems of beargrass to add depth and texture to this farm fresh bouquet.

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Mixology Bartender Kit

If you're looking for an excellent gift for a special occasion, this Mixology Bartender Kit is perfect for someone who enjoys a well-crafted beverage. This 10-piece cocktail set is made of high quality stainless steel and rests in a stylish stand (your choice of bamboo or mahogany) for a clever display when not in use. Maybe you'll get lucky and your gift recipient will pour you a glass of the good stuff as a thank you for their awesome gift!

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Silver Luggage Tags

We all have friends that jet across the world. Silver luggage tags are the perfect anniversary gift for a couple who’s often traveling to the next special place on their list. Silver anniversary gifts such as silver luggage tags are a good idea because it celebrates the couple’s beautiful marriage and will stand the test of time as they travel together - just like their relationship.

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Silver Wedding Rose Bush

Although it sounds like a rose made from silver, a silver wedding rose is a plant that can either grow in a container or in the garden. It has pure white roses that bloom from July through September and would be a special gift for someone with a green thumb. The rose symbolizes eternal love, and are the perfect present to celebrate 25 years of marriage.

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Silver Rose

If you’re looking specifically for classic silver gifts, a silver dipped rose would be a great gift for your friends’ or family members’ anniversary celebrations. This gorgeous gift is made from a real rose that has been dipped in resin and dipped again in silver to preserve its beauty forever. A great gift for a silver jubilee.

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Silver Candle Holders Set

Silver candle holders are a modern gift to celebrate a friend’s 25th wedding anniversary. They can style their indoor or outdoor spaces with their choice of taper candles (not included).

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Sound Wave Art

If you’re looking for unique gifts, a handmade personalized piece of sound wave art printed on brushed aluminum could be the way to go. It’s a special way to share a personal message (from you to the happy couple or maybe a favorite saying between the two) that can be cherished for a lifetime. The art print can be customized based on a song or voice message.

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Technically this gift is made of aluminum, not silver, and aluminum is the traditional gift for a 10 year anniversary. However, it’s such a cool personalized gift that we just had to include it here (plus it’s a silver-colored metal, so it could work)!

Superlative Wine Glass with Square Edge

These wine glasses are nothing more than two words: super fancy. They come packaged as a set of 4, and are dishwasher safe (which everyone loves). With a square shape on top of a delicate wine stem, these wine glasses are the perfect choice. 

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Vintage wine from their year of marriage would be a memorable gift for the celebrating couple and the 25th anniversary is a good reason to splurge a little! You can pair the vintage wine with the square edge wine glasses above so they can keep using this gift for many wedding anniversaries to come.

Iris Flower Tiffany Style Stained Glass Window Panel

Brighten up the room with an iris-themed stained glass design window. There are many different designs and sizes to ensure you find the right thing to fit their style and home.

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The iris will remind the couple of their strong marriage and would be a great 25th year anniversary gift.  

Lighted Silver Birch Tree

A personal gift for a plant lover. Silver birches symbolize protection and growth and makes for a thoughtful 25th anniversary gift that will be around for a long time to remind your friends of their strong relationship. This one is 18 inches tall and has 36 warm LED lights to create a cozy atmosphere.

Check out your local nursery to find a silver birch tree or to see if they can order one for you!

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I hope these 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas help you celebrate your friend’s special day. From their first anniversary to being married for a quarter of a century, anniversaries are a special event that deserve to be celebrated with a special anniversary gift. No matter what you choose, they will be thankful that you remembered them on their important day!

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