21 Best Toy Story Gifts for Kids and Adults

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If you or someone you know likes Toy Story, consider giving them one of these Toy Story gifts on the next special occasion! Yeehaw!

Toy Story Gift Ideas

1. Buzz Lightyear Scooter

This cool Huffy scooter features a design that looks like Buzz Lightyear.  Ideal for kids ages 3 and up and a maximum weight of 60 lbs, your Toy Story fan can go to infinity and beyond on 3 wheels!

2. Toy Story Memory Match Game

Your Toy Story loving toddlers will love this Toy Story memory match game! Educational, and fun to play!

3. Slinky Plush

Golly bob howdy! It’s everyone’s favorite dog. Your Toy Story loving kids will love playing with this slinky dog plush.

4. Toy Story Rex Plush

“Dinosaur overboard!” If there is any character from Toy Story that needs anxiety medication, its Rex. Any Toy Story fanatic will love this toy.

5. Toy Story 4 Hot Wheels Set

Great gift for a Toy Story toddler to drive to infinity and beyond with this 6 piece Toy Story Hot Wheels set!

6. Forky Creativity Set

Any kid 3 and up will love this Forky Creativity set! Create your Forky however you want!

7. Toy Story 4 Bluetooth Headphones

Your kids can jam out to their favorite songs with their favorite movie headphones! No strings attached, literally! These headphones are Bluetooth.

8. 2 Piece Woody and Bullseye Toys

YeeHaw! Let your kids have fun with this Woody and Bullseye set! Giddyup partners!

9. Toy Story 4 Uno Game

Any kid that can play uno will love this Toy Story edition! Win a game with all your favorite friends!

10. 4 Piece Toy Story T-shirthgs For Girls

Your daughters will love to dress up to watch their favorite movie! This set comes with four girls shirts.

11. Forky Action Figure

Any kid will love this toy! Play with this talking Forky action figure! He has over 15 sounds and phrases!

12. Childrens Brown Felt Cowboy Hat 

“Reach for the sky!” Your kids will love dressing up with Woody and friends as a cowboy/girl.

13. Toy Story Chair Desk with Storage Bin

This little desk and drawer is great for kids! They can play at the desk, and store their toys inside the drawer.

14. Woody And Buzz 3D Lamp

Great to put on a shelf, desk, or other place to light up a room! Wonderful gift for someone scared of the dark.

15. Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Chair

“To infinity and beyond!” Your kids can sit and watch Toy Story in their favorite Buzz Lightyear chair.

16. Hamm Piggy Bank

“That’s Mr. Evil Dr. Pork Chop to you.” Store all your coins in this Hamm piggy bank.

17. Toy Story 4 Dinner Set

Eat dinner with all of your favorite friends! Comes with a plate, bowl, cup, fork, and spoon.

18. Toy Story 4 Toddler Size Bed

For any toddler that just stopped using a crib, they can move into their new Toy Story bed.

19. Disney’s Pixar Slow Cooker

Cook dinner with all of your favorite Pixar characters! Holds seven quarts. Warning, hot surfaces!

20. Toy Story 4 LEGO Set

All kids 4 and up will love playing with this LEGO set! Comes with 178 pieces. Don’t try to eat LEGOs. And please clean them up, we don’t need you stepping on them.

21. Toy Story Pizza Planet Set

Any toddler that loves toy story will love this Pizza Planet set! Comes with Buzz and an alien. Also has many different functions!

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