Polite Wording for Gift Cards Instead of Gifts

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Traditionally, etiquette rules have stated that gifts should not be mentioned when sending an invitation to a special event or birthday party. Even more of a faux pas would be requesting a cash gift or gift card in lieu of an actual gift. However, times are changing and these days many guests prefer to know of a gift registry or gifting preference. Here we are sharing some clever and polite wording for gift cards instead of gifts, so you can tactfully make your request known!

Big life events are super exciting, but usually require large amounts of money. Traditional gifts for certain occasions are a wonderful gesture of compassion and symbolic of ones close friends and close family members relationship, however, many times we have no need or desire to use the material things that we have been gifted.

wording for gift cards instead of gifts

What you could really use, and is super easy on everybody, is getting gift cards. My go-to gift is giving gift cards, because you really can’t go wrong. It’s so much less stressful than worrying that your gift won’t be good enough, or the right color, or in stock.

Now, if you are anything like me, you feel awkward asking for cash donations. However, we have some great ideas with all the right words to ask for cash gifts for your special day in the most subtle way.

No matter what life event you are saving up for, whether it be your dream honeymoon, a new home or for your wedding day, we have researched with etiquette experts to help guide you from the wrong way, to the most polite ways to ask for monetary gifts.

Asking for Gift Cards Instead of Gifts for a Wedding Registry

For example, wedding invitations are a perfect way to ask for a financial contribution. Sending each wedding guest a personal card with all the details for your big day, and at the bottom of the invitation, include a note that is a different font or color to ensure it stands out.

wedding invitation request gift card

Another option is to include a separate, smaller information card with your wedding invitation that includes wording to let your guests know you prefer a gift card over a physical gift of household goods.

Say something along the lines of:

We’re blessed just to have you with us to celebrate this special day. However, if you also wish to give a gift, a gift card from your preferred store will be much appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate with us. If you also wish to present us with a special memento, gift cards are our ideal present for this special occasion.

Another cute idea to collect monetary contributions is to put something at the entrance. For example, at my sister’s wedding party, they had a money tree set up next to the wedding guest book. It was very cute and convenient. Any amount was appreciated.

To make things feel less awkward, you may want to give your guests another option. Let them know you would appreciate a gift card if they would like to give one, or suggest the option of making a charity donation instead.

Requesting Gift Cards for a Housewarming Party

Moving into a new home, especially if it’s your first home, is super exciting. Many times your close family and friends will want to give you a little gift, and may even throw you a housewarming party.

Maybe you know of some things you would like for your new home, but they seem too pricey to ask for. For instance, large projects like major home improvements can be pretty expensive and you can’t easily ask for the materials you need. The cost of lumber has sky rocketed in the past couple of years, and the greatest gift someone could give would be a gift of cash or a gift card.

Add a note like this on the house warming registry information:

We are moving into our new home but the work isn’t done yet. A gift card for any hardware or department store would be the perfect housewarming gift.

I would love to have you there to celebrate with me as I move into my new home. If you’re considering a gift, please carry a gift card that matches the theme.

Wording for Gift Cards Instead of Gifts for a Baby Shower

Is there a new baby in your future? Are you planning to send out baby shower invitations? I honestly believe that tangible invitations are the best way to get your request of receiving a gift of money instead of physical gifts.

Adding a personal note within the enclosure card will give the gift givers a sense of personalization. The little things, such as a handwritten note could make all the difference in someone looking past your request and making it a main priority.

Baby shower gifts can be very specific items and need certain details, making it very stressful and near impossible to find. Celebrating a new life should be more joyous than stressful.

Do you know what IS stressful for a mom-to-be, who is 8 months pregnant? Trying to transport and store all the generous gifts that each person on the guest list brought. A gift registry is a wonderful idea, but most of the time, we really don’t NEED everything that we add to that list.

Another situation to consider: Mama-to-be lives far away, and is flying across the country for a baby shower. It would cost tons of money to ship the gifts back home after the party. So, in lieu of gifts, a good idea is asking for money gifts, or even charity donations.

Here are some different ways to ask for gift cards to add to the new parents treasure chest, in order to purchase the most important things that the baby will need:

Her mommy lives in a far away land,
What she takes on the plane must fit in one hand.
The overhead bin is where all the gifts must go,
Gift cards and such would fit just so.

__(Mom’s name)__ is visiting by airplane, you see,
So we’re having a shower for baby and she,
Her belly is big and her luggage is tight,
An occasion like this makes a gift card just right.

There are so many great ways to request money instead of a physical gift. As awkward as it may feel, it’s the perfect gift. It’s the only gift that has no possibility of breaking or being the wrong color.

Now is the perfect time and perfect place to start saving for whatever special occasion lies ahead for you.

Whether you are saving for a house deposit, a bridal shower, expenses for married life, like a honeymoon pot, or maybe you want to have the most epic birthday party, use these guidelines in this blog post to ensure you receive the best gift.

Good luck!

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